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580 km


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our sponsors

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Just a few days to go!

For realizing this project we need a lot of support. You can help and show your interest and support for this unique project. For this project there is still a small gap in the budget. You can help us to fix this.

Support project Inland Ice

Project Inland Ice support club

Become a “Project Inland Ice supporter”. By donating at least 66 euro you will become a member of the “Project Inland Ice support club”.
You will receive:

Donate at least € 66,- Donate here.

You can also donate by bank transfer:
Make your paymant to: Stichting Arctic Climate Projects in Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Postbank: 4988753
IBAN: NL10 PSTB 0004 9887 53
Please state your address or mail us all your address details.

Support project Inland Ice

Kilometer supporter

Give a minimum of 1 euro for every 66 kilometer we have to cross on the ice sheet. The crossing will be about 660 kilometers.
So donate at least € 10,-.
For this donation we will mention your name on this website as one of our supporters.

Donate at least € 10,- Donate here.

Corporate sponsorship

Project Inland Ice offers a wide range of unique marketing options for your company. From branding and product placement to corporate sales events.
Want to find out more about the different marketing options or the documentary? Contact us.