Project Inland Ice news date: 22nd May 2008


1. Project Inland Ice arrives at Schiphol tomorrow!!
2. Last days in Greenland
3. Medical support

1. Project Inland Ice arrives at Schiphol tomorrow!!

Please join us in welcoming the expedition team tomorrow at Schiphol!! They will arrival on Friday May 23 at 12:55h with flight 502 from Keflavik, Iceland. See the information at the airport for the arrival hall. We are all looking forward to seeing them again!

2. Last days in Greenland

On Saturday May 17, after 32 days cross country skiing through an amazing scenery, the team arrived at their final destination Isortoq!! We congratulate the team with this extraordinary achievement!!

Those who expected them to relax after so many days of hard work might be wrong… After a good night’s sleep in a barn, the team joined a dog sledging trip with hunting Inuits. They also went to a church service, and were invited into the homes of several people in Isortoq.

Monday after breakfast, they had their planned live chat session with students of several primary schools in the Netherlands. After that, the helicopter picked them up and flew them to Tasilaq where a bottle of Jack Daniels delivered by the documentary team was waiting for them..… party time!!! Tuesday was used for some necessary and well-deserved rest.

Trying to get to Amsterdam as quick as possible, they went to Tasilaq airport very early to arrange their flight to Kulusuk on Wednesday, May 21. From there they flew to Reykjavik where they arrived late in the evening.

They will stay in Reykjavik for 1 day and travel to Amsterdam on Friday.

3. Medical support

The expedition team had excellent medical and dental care before and during their expedition. Some questions to their expedition physician and dentist:

Henk van Nie, dentist in Sliedrecht
What did you do for the team?
I checked their teeth before departure and was available for advise regarding any problems with their teeth during the expedition.

What do teeth suffer most from during such an expedition?
All problems that can normally happen with your teeth can also happen during such an undertaking.

What could be the result of an innocent thing like an inflammation in one of the teeth during the expedition?
Inflamed teeth can, without treatment, result in serious health care problems which could have led to an early evacuation of the team.

What are the changes of the expedition team of making their end goal given their physical fitness?
Based on the physical fitness of the team and their preparations, the changes of making it in good health are good.

Message to the team
Good luck!! Regards, Henk and Betty.

Casper Post Uiterweer, physician in Utrecht
What did you do for the team?
Organizing their first aid kit, preparing and discussing what to do when medical problems occur, instructing how to use medical equipment, first aid devices, and medicines, performing a physical test and being standby during the expedition (needed twice).

Does your health suffer during such an expedition?
Your health suffers most from the cold and exhaustion.

What are the medical risks of the warm weather they had?
None really.

What are the chances of the expedition team of making their end goal given their physical fitness?
They are almost there! They are very healthy, or Greenland is very healthy for them! Who knows?

Message to the team
Why don’t you also ski back? ;-)
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A word from our sponsor:


Bergans of Norway: 100 years of outdoor experience!

In 1908, Ole F. Bergan invented the world’s first A-frame backpack. The brand Bergans was born! Initially, Bergans focused on manufacturing backpacks. Now, 100 years later, the company offers a wide range of other products including tents, sleeping bags and clothing of which Bergans is the market leader in its home country Norway. Bergans manufactures reliable and functional equipment designed to perform under the toughest and most demanding conditions. Even more, Bergans incorporates the newest high tech stretch materials to allow for a high level of freedom of motion. By sponsoring expeditions, the company actively tests and develops their products.

Bergans of Norway shares its technical experience with courageous people traveling where few men have gone before – a tradition that goes back to the company’s beginning. Already in 1912 Bergans was an important supplier for the legendary South Pole expeditions to both Amundsen and Scott.

The main reason for us to sponsor Project Inland Ice was the multi-purpose approach of the team. They care about climate change and want to teach young children about its causes and effects. The changing climate and Bergans are heavily connected. All employees working at Bergans are outdoor people and appreciate nature and its beauty to the fullest. Bergans focuses more and more on ecologically friendly production processes and if possible, material is recycled. New, more climate neutral products are being launched at this moment and in the very near future.

Bergans congratulates the team with its huge achievement and reaching their goal faster then planned. We hope that they, above all, enjoyed the trip and are satisfied with the entire process. It is fantastic to have a dream, plan every detail of it, and to be able to fulfill that dream!


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