Project Inland Ice news date: 29th April 2008

First coverage from the icecap

1. Departure of the expedition team
2. Follow the progress of the team on the website and send them a message!
3. The making of...experiences of the documentary team in Greenland

1. Departure of the expedition team

On Sunday April 13th, friends and family met at Schiphol airport to say goodbye to the expedition team members, Edwer, Raimo, Sanne, Henk-Jan, Jeffrey and Pim. The team was in a cheerful and excited state of mind. Sledges were repacked, last interviews with the media were given, a few last embraces and kisses, and then they went through customs and started their long awaited adventure.

Check the photos in the center column

2. Follow the progress of the team on the website and send them a message!

You can read all about the adventures and progress the expedition team makes on the website The expedition team regularly leaves voice messages and basecamp makes sure you know all the latest details of their expedition. Read the weblog and you know how they are doing! You can also write a response on the weblog. The team reads these responses regularly and is happy to hear from you!

For those of you that are computer-minded… you can download the waypoints as KML file (Google Earth) from now on. Check it out!

3. The making off...experiences of the documentary team in Greenland

A documentary will be made of the expedition which will be broadcasted on the AVRO in July-August. Producers of the documentary Kevin Augello and Milan Collin, and associate producer Phil Coates, joined the expedition to film their first few steps on the ice, and their struggle to cross the glacier. They returned to the Netherlands safely a week ago. Read the report from their week in Greenland and see the new photos they made during the time they spend on the icecap with the expedition team!

“Finally, after almost 2 years, the big adventure is about to start! We arranged everything, except for one important detail: our transportation on the icecap. Three months ago we contacted a snow scooter rental place in Kangerlussuaq, a small city in Greenland where our trip would start. About a week before departure we finally received a quote: it would cost 15.000 euro for 3 days rental! This is a ridiculous amount of money, and we weren’t planning on paying that. We left for Greenland hoping we could talk about it in person and things would work out.

However, this wasn’t going to be easy at all. After hours of debating with the owner of the rental place, we rented 4 snow scooters, one for every person. Kevin and I were not at all experienced in driving a snow scooter, let alone on a difficult glacier terrain, so we hesitated for a moment. However, it wasn’t as hard as we thought. After just 5 minutes on the scooter it started to feel like a lot of fun and we realized that we never could have fitted with two people on 1 scooter. Finally we were able to start filming the expedition team. We followed the team for 4 days in beautiful surroundings and great weather. Then we had to say goodbye to them and returned to the Netherlands to start editing the film.”
Milan Collin

Check the photos in the right hand column:

NEW!!! Pictures from Greenland

We just received these pictures from the expedition team. Enjoy!

These pictures show 1) team in action, 2) Jeffrey behind the toughbook, and 3) meeting with air traffic control center members. Two Americans are located in DYE-2 for 5 months to control traffic to and from DYE-2 airport (!). This airport is used by the US Airforce to practice landing on and departing from snow.

Live conversation with the expedition team

Last Saturday we planned a dinner with the lonely ones who sometimes have their own expedition in running a household by themselves or move into a new house without much help... We had made an arrangement with the team that they would call us that night, so everyone could speak to their own partners. After a great meal, cooked by HJ’s wife (Thanks Ingrid!) we waited for them to call us, and when they finally did, we were able to talk to them as if they were around the corner. Those iridum phones are really a great invention!

When they called, they were inside the radar dome of DYE-2, an old abandoned US radar station from the cold war. They told us it’s a spooky place to walk around, and they were happy that they could have their first rest-day on Sunday somewhere inside. Some of us got a bit emotional when talking with our beloved ones, but most of all we were happy to hear that they are still healthy, having fun, and that each step takes them closer to us!

Depature of the team

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A word from our sponsor:


Vliegers&Co was founded in 2003 in Deventer, the Netherlands. We specialize in kites for people at the age of 4 up to 94 years. Small kites, like Eddy’s or Sleddy’s, kites to play or practice with, but also larger and more professional items, even for those who want to participate in the various competitions. Vliegers&Co has a large stock of kites, buggy’s, land boards and parts and pieces. In the past five years customers from all over Europe have found their way to the shop.

At Vliegers&Co we like to do more than just sell kites. We support organizations in the Netherlands that engage in the promotion of kite sports, and we own a sponsor team of six riders who compete at the highest level. Our annual kite-festival ‘Kites over Deventer’ (September 20 / 21) is visited by thousands of spectators.

Supporting Project Inland Ice was the natural thing to do. For this particular expedition we chose a kite that is stable, easy to fly, with controllable power and lift and reliable behavior: the Montana III by Invento-HQ. We are confident the kite will perform at its best in the icy conditions of Greenland, and thus will help the team to achieve their goal.

We wish the team all the best and a safe journey, and are proud to participate in this adventure.



The expedition team was able to kite last Saturday. Here you can see the kite in action on the icecap close to DYE-2.

Making a documentary


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