Project Inland Ice news date: April 2008

A day to day Dairy

Day 10. Presentation at the PABO, teachers academy
Day 9. Test communication equipment
Day 8. Check the solar panels
Day 7. Attach sponsor logo's
Day 6. Last tire dragging training
Day 5. Final check equipment
Day 4. Buy last minute food
Day 3. Radio interview
Day 2. Dinner with family and friends
Day 1. Pack the bags, go to bed early
D-Day. Departure

10 days to go, but the schedule is pretty tight...

Say goodbye to the team

We will depart on Sunday 13 april with SAS, SK554 to Kopenhagen.
Feel free to say good by to us on Schiphol airport. 18:00 houres. You won't be alone. A lot of press and family will be present.

Keep in touch

During the whole expedition we will keep our weblog updated. The Basecamp Manager Pieter will take care of this and of all our contact back home.
So keep up to date with the latest information and read our weblog

Press, media, interviews...

Last weeks we have had a lot of press coverage with our project. We have conducted a lot of interview for radio, television, magazines and internet. You could say that our project has become multimedial...

Read all the items which were in the news

Would you like to have the opportunity to get an interview before we leave? Just contact us for an appointment.


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A word from our sponsor:


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The Untraced masks, are made out of lightweight, breathable Power Shield® from Polartec®, while the air channels are supported by a flexible 3D filament structure.

In 2008 Untraced completed its offer by designing a full range of hats, as light and as good as the Untraced masks. Timeless design, and the very best high-tech fabrics from the Polartec® range, let you enjoy the ultimate weather protection, still making you look and feel good.

At Untraced we are really proud that also the Project Inland Ice Team choose to use the Untraced masks, We are confident that they can afford even the most inclement condition they could find in Greenland. as are willing to warmly greet them, when their challenge will be over.


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