Project Inland Ice news date: March 2008

Check, check, double check

1. Kiting in Austria
2. Press in a freezer
3. The polar diet

1 month before departure. We are checking all items, procedures and routines. We do not like surprises in Greenland.

1) Kiting in Austria

To train in our kiting skills, we went to Austria. On a lake near Nauders we have trained, erected the tent and had a lot of fun

Besides training we have tested the gear from some of our sponsors. A lot of good things, but some items will stay at home.



2) Training in a freezer

Some things have to be tested in a real cold situation. For this we have been in a freeze storage. SO in between hundreds of deep fried pizza's we have been testing our sleepingbags, tent, cooking gear and clothing. Of course there was plenty of press to cover the news.


3) The polar diet

A subject for many discussions is the food. This is a really delicate matter. We will use about the double amount of energy as during a normal office day. So instead of using 2500 KCal, we will average 5000 KCal a day.

We can't just go shopping at the grocery store. Our food has to be lightweight, full of calories, nutritious, fast to prepare and delicious. Read all about how we did it.


There are pots and pans...

We will melt a lot of snow. In total over 1 cubic metre in 40 days. In order to do this fast and fuel efficient, we will use the jetboil system.
Jetboil’s revolutionary cooking systems offer a fast and simple solution to cooking in the outdoors. Jetboil is the best way to provide hot, satisfying nourishment on the go.

At the core of Jetboil’s integrated systems is patent-pending FluxRing technology, capturing the burner’s heat and directing it straight into the pot. The FluxRing enables Jetboil systems to boil water twice as fast as competing stoves, while burning half as much fuel. Such outstanding efficiency saves us weight, space, and money.

Gone are the days of tippy stoves, clunky campware sets, and choking down gorp for days on end. Light, compact, and expandable Jetboil systems allow us to quickly melt all the snow we will need.

Cook what you want. When you want. Where you want.


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A word from our sponsor:

Bever Zwerfsport

Bever Zwerfsport is a company that sells material for all kinds of outdoor sports.

The employees in our shops have experienced the outdoors; from daytrip-walking to multiple-week expeditions and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with our customers. This is how we provide our customers with the right gear for their own 'expedition'.

Even though we meet a lot of adventurers, an expedition such as crossing Greenland isn't an activity that we encounter every day. We admire the goal and the dedication of these 6 people who have not set themselves an easy goal.

Global warming is a problem that concerns us all. Not only global warming, but also the protection of the environment is an issue that we think is really important to tell and learn people.

Because Bever Zwerfsport is having the same ideals as these 6 persons, we are very proud to support and help these 6 brave Dutch people.

Bever Zwerfsport

Bever website


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