Project 66° North news date: January 2008

TO DO top 3:

1. Find main sponsor
2. Kite training
3. Shop for Food

With only 100 days to go before departure, we still have a long "to do"-list. On top are those three items which will take up a lot of our preperation time.

1) Find a main sponsor for this project.

A project like Project 66° North is a costly undertaking. Our budget is based on former expeditions and on security. This means we will buy new stuff to rely on. Instead of taking our old and used gear.

So far we have the support of some real good gear and service partners. But at the end of the day we are still about €40.000 short. So we have got ourselves an assignment for the coming months.


2) Kite training in Austria

In the end of January we will be off to Austria. Here we will have an intensive kite training. We will train kiting in the snow, with and without our sledge. But we will also practise our camp routines for on the Greenland Ice sheet. Like setting camp, pitching the tent and melting snow. Will be great to play in the snow for a while


3) Shop for the food for 40 days of expedition

The 6 of us together will need about 7000 Cal per day of energy. So 6 x 40 days x 7000 = 1.680.000 Cal. This is the combined energy in 6000 Snicker bars.

Well we will bring some more different kind of food than only bars. We will take, soup, pasta, rice, energy bars, salami, cheese, cookies, a lot of cookies. Food for 40 days will be quite a shopping list. So we need to do some shopping.

Boots to survive in...

The shoes are one of the most important items of our equipment. The extreme temperatures ask for very adequate materials. Every day we have to walk for over 8 hours and good comfort is therefore essential. While using the kites, stability around the ankle is a big plus. On our Fischer BCX E109 ski's we placed Rottafella Backcountry bindings that are said to be the strongest.The shoe has to be appropriate for such a binding.

In Sarek (north Sweden) we used the Alfa Skarvet. A robust leather shoe with four layers of Gore-tex. While skiing, the shoe was definitely warm enough although temperatures were not that low.

On Greenland we consider using the Meindl Grönland, a model developed by Armin Wirth and Lucas Meindl. The coming month we are going to test it. This model is high and has a removable inner shoe. We will also test a separate inner shoe which gives better stability while using the kites.
The expectations are high!


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A word from our sponsor:


Shelter is a basic need. When you're out in the wilderness, however, "basic" has to include both "shelter from the storm" and "ease of portability."

That's why we build tents the way we do. We believe that ours are the highest performing backcountry shelter solutions available, and they are that way because of our fundamental philosophy, which we've used since our first tent was sold in 1973.

For us, the ideal tent is a blend of a few, very straightforward principles: ultimate reliability; usability; comfort; versatility; and durability.
Underlying all of these criteria is one more: low weight.

Building a reliable, easy to use, comfortable, versatile and durable tent is difficult, but not outrageously so. Encompassing these elements within a strict weight limit, however, is a unique challenge. Meeting that challenge, creating the best balance of ALL of these standards is at the heart of every Hilleberg tent.


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