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Project Inland Ice

April 16 untill May 18 2008, 6 participants of Project Inland Ice (5 men and 1 woman) have skied 580 km from the west to the east coast of Greenland. This was done around the polar circle. Where possible kites were used for propulsion. The expedition was done unsupported, i.e. no help from outside the team was used.
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Documentary on Television

Starting Tuesday July 8, our documentary (Going North) will be shown on Dutch television by the AVRO. 5 Episodes on Ned 3 at 22:10. The serie will cover two years of our project.
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Part one of the ducumentary Going North is shown (Fri, 09 Jan 2009)
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Project Inland Ice / Going North on television (Fri, 04 Jul 2008)
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Schoolproject (Wed, 25 Jun 2008)
All schools have finished their projects. It is fantastic to see how [...]
Friends Crossing Greenland (Sat, 21 Jun 2008)
How big is the chance to meet a good friend from Norway on the Greenlandic [...]
Photos Greenland online (Sun, 08 Jun 2008)
In total we made about 6000 photos. We will not place them all on the site [...]

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Expedition goals

With the expedition three major goals will be achieved:

1. Information on television
2. Education in schools
3. Sportive on Greenland

1) Give information about climate change by the documentary.

The project has got a lot of communication power. Readers and viewers will be made aware about the impact of Greenland on our daily live and the results of global warming. For this also cooperation has been sought with the HIER climate programme.
Most communication power will be by means of the documentary series which is broadcasted in the Netherlands by the AVRO. The series will also be sold on the international market. This documentary is made by an external production company. Also traditional media are used like; newspaper, television, magazines, radio and the internet.

2) Educational programme for/by student of the Teachers Academy

A cooperation has been formed with a teachers academy. Student will make a educational programme for elementary schoolchildren. For the programme there will be input from the Arctic Centre of the university of Groningen. Contacts have been made with the Dutch department of the International Polar Year (NWO in The Hague), the IPY Youth Steering Committee and the HIER climate campaign.

3) Sportive achievement by crossing the 650 KM icecap.

For this there was a lot of training and preparation. By means of a extended training programme, training expeditions and courses.
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